Election Fraud Schumann Resonance Report Nov 20 2020

By Felix B

I apologize if this SR report makes less sense than the others.

For your security and mine, I have to be somewhat vague concerning some subjects. The most important subject in this entire report, is meditating on the idea that we all share an etheric network of emotional energy.

Almost like a beach that everyone litters on. You can see all the gravity and weight of the combined litter as well as how it accumulates on this visualization below:

There was no reporting from the 13th to the 20th because it’s mostly people getting caught helping to cheat the election.

Past 3 days is a critical time.


The alt news media has been slowly ramping up what has been going on behind the scenes along with the assistance of former 8Kun board owner digging into the D Voting System.

Anons were able to reference a very significant name.
Let’s just refer to this guy as KS

Is this guy the Pindar or is he another front man? Is this the guy making deals with the Orion Reptilian Empire? The closer we get to who it is, the more lifeless they look in their eyes, isn’t that strange?

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

Can you visualize a graph in your head, where the more truth is revealed the more the Left panicks based on not knowing what to do, not knowing how to effectively meme, who experience mostly fear?

More truth revealed = more reactionary fear.

Now look at the Schumann Resonance, past 3 days. Horizontals get thicker? Are Patriots panicking right now? Who are the only people panicking right now? Go on Twitter, do you see any Frogs panicking? Mostly they are saying I feel calm, we might have some turbulence but we are still going to arrive at our destination.

On the 18th it’s just the Red ray theme of Security and Survival plus Orange Ray Selfhood.

19th You get agitation on Yellow Ray Power and Control Emotional Themes and Green Ray Unconditional Love Emotional Themes.

20th All of this negative energy not being transmuted starts to affect the Light Blue Ray of Communication Themes very faintly.

Energy not being transmuted is normal for muggles and false lightworkers who refuse to do the work within themselves. These people do not understand that everyone on the planet shares the same ether space, they might not litter physically, but the emotional/energetic litter shows how much it has risen according to the Schumann Resonance.

If everyone were transmuting their energy, would there by any dark energy left in the ether? No. Would there be any archons and demons? No because they don’t have any fear or dark energy to feed off of and survive.

The importance of knowing how to read the Schumann Resonance becomes apparent when you want to defeat demons. When you want to play the eternal game of Good vs Evil, when you want to get rid of the Evil, then you need to starve the beast.

People seem to think it is only through money, think about it this way. What happens in the energetic etheric world, manifests in the physical world. The physical world is the analog to the spiritual world, that is why God planned all of Creation before Creating it.

All of Creation was planned first in God’s mind before any of it was ever created.

If all of Creation was first in God’s mind then all of Creation existed as a thought.

29.8 Questioner: Then every entity that exists would be some type of sub- or sub-sub-Logos. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct down to the limits of any observation, for the entire creation is alive.

Every entity that exists, is a type of sub or sub sub Logos. Another way to write this is a sub, or sub sub Conscious Awareness. The universe, the Creation is Alive, endowed with Awareness, because it was the gift of Free Will the Infinite Creator gave to all of Creation.

If you are aware, then you have a spark of God within you.

Just because you are aware does not mean you may necessarily contain all of the knowledge and information God has, but it means you have the option to dive into and learn about any of the information God has after having searched for it which would require one to exercise their Free Will.

Normally I make some Bible parallels, but when considering God or Infinite Creator, I have to go with the least distorted set of info to try and describe and teach this concept of Awareness and Shared Etheric Space.

In the eyes of Infinite Creator, people are polarizing more Service to Others, and on the other side people are polarizing more Service to Self. The Creator neither blinks towards the Dark, nor toward the Light, since Infinite Creator created both. Again Infinite Creator cares more about you making a choice.

Myself and the Confederation of Planets, care that you make a choice toward Service to Others.

Just so we know where everyone stands, encouraging people to become more Service to Self is pretty bad, for the people that surround them, and for themselves. Many New Age systems out there, plus organized religions promote people to become more Service to Self, there has to be something out there that promotes the opposite.

We have no organization, and leadership comes from whoever has the highest coherence to love and light within them. Those with the highest coherence to love and light, create the most balanced ideas that benefit all and mastery cannot be recognized without having an element of mastery within yourself.

If the Cabal and the Orion Empire have historically been cancer on the human race, then the goal of the Confederation of Planets In Service to the Infinite Creator is to create White Blood Cells, in the Earth body.

Where is this all going, and what is the destiny of the human race? This is going to result in a world wide dragnet to incriminate the global connections of the entire Satanic Elite that have historically served the Orion Reptilian Empire.

Once the house of Earth has been cleaned, it’s floors wiped, it’s walls repainted, it’s people rejuvenated from the cancer, we can invite the host of Heaven.

If Jesus is part of the Confederation why would we not be able to call him back in his current incarnation?

The only reason why the Confederation does not want to return is because humanity needs to learn to take care of it’s own cancer. We’ve gone over in the Law of One Earth History series why the Positive ETS don’t intervene. That we need to learn to clean up our own messes.

That once we become equals with the Confederation, not just on the individual level, but on the society and governmental level, perhaps even the global level where we have a One World Government chosen by the people rather than the New World Order One World Government chosen by the corporate fictitious United Nations, then humanity will officially be part of the Galactic Community and the Alliance who Serve God and no other.

We know A, where we come from, we know C where the destiny of the human race must reach, we don’t know B, how we get from A to C.

Any updates to the Plan, occur in real time, through the ether, since it is always a response to what is.

Of all of the things, what is making the Cabal panic the most? I wonder.

Super Lawyer Sidney Powell reveals the affidavit she has from a high ranking military officer who participated in this massive attack.
“Designed in a way that the system could change the vote of each voter without being detected.”

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejects Trump campaign’s lawsuitNow this is going to the US Supreme Court after it was rejected at the State Level.

Alan Dershowitz Predicts Trump Will Win Pennsylvania Lawsuithttps://www.dailywire.com/news/alan-dershowitz-predicts-trump-will-win-pennsylvania-lawsuit

Out of all of this sauce, which one is the golden Ticket?

Crowdsourcing tool for organizing anomalies and legal issues having to do with the United States 2020 Election.

Which piece of evidence? Or is it all of the evidence? Is it because it’s becoming this huge mountain?

=̴̶̷̤̄ .̫ =̴̶̷̤̄

There is no need to predict the future, since it is already obvious. Whats not obvious is how we will get there.

See why Patriots aren’t worried? See why theres no reason why you should be worried?

It’s more like, instead of bein worried, you can be calm, help dig, and it digs a deeper grave for the cabal instead. Digging can even be just reading the Law of One, and then reading the Bible with new eyes based on it.

You too can help undo 1000 years of Cabal Orion Empire distortions and lies.

There are new digs and maybe one of these is going to put us over the target?

Could it be how global voter fraud is?


Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai from MIT  detected weighted race algorithm use in previous elections using the Dominion or Smartmatic voting systems.


“Citing five anonymous sources “familiar with the discussions” in the camp of Joe Biden, the media-anointed president-elect, NBC reported on Tuesday that he doesn’t want his presidency to be “consumed by investigations” of Trump.”

Let me translate this for you. He does not want to win the Presidency and have to investigate Trump in the public sector which would lead to further incrimination of Bidan’s own actions so let’s settle the Left Base’s anger, so it doesn’t lead to that.

HAHA, they are really workin that Security and Survival blocked energy.


For people that assume we are racist, How does someone who is racist openly promote a Chinese philosopher who was around 496 years Before Christ?

How long will it take before Leftists will open Pandoras Box and find their own leaders are the real racists? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

Okay maybe it’s not the election fraud.


Maybe it’s the Laptop and Huntr’s emails?


Where has Gina Haspel disappeared to?


Why is the US vote being counted in Germany and Spain?


So the National Guard was NOT monitoring the election? lol Yea right.


What will we see in the next week? I wonder =̴̶̷̤̄ .̫ =̴̶̷̤̄

More lying and cheating by the Left?


It’s down to the wire, and we are watching the manifested struggle between Light and Dark.

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